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Valkyries MC - Application


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Please find attached our PDF Application. If possible please refer to the PDF.

I have also formatted it to a forum post but obviously formatting isn't quite the same as we planned in the PDF.

Thank you for your time reading and your consideration. We appreciate it.



Valkyries MC

The name of our MC is inspired by a female figure in Norse mythology whom chooses who may live or die in battle.

Valkyries MC was founded by Mr Fetz and Toro Tarantino but was previously known as Reapers MC. The club decided to rebrand to Valkyries MC to become a national original charter.


Meet our Members

President - Mr Fetz    (Portrait)

Mr Fetz is the leader and figurehead of the club, presiding over all meetings and being the representative of the club in public relations and liaison between other clubs and gangs. Mr Fetz will be assisting members in understanding and interpreting the clubs responsibilities to promote the club life among all members.  


Vice President - Toro Tarantino    (Portrait)

Toro’s duties are to assume responsibilities of the presidency and the club or chapter whenever the President is unable to do so.


Sergeant at Arms - Rico Enriquez    (Portrait)

Rico has the main responsibilities of defending the club members, property and interests. He will be enforcing the club by-laws throughout the entire club, maintaining order at meetings and activities and ensuring that ALL members adhere to club rulings, policies and by-laws.


Treasurer - Carlos Matos    (Portrait)

The executive duties of the treasurer are to host missions and regulate income to ALL members. Carlos will be expected to assume responsibility of the secretary when they are unable to do so.


Secretary - Mitchell Willow    (Portrait)

The responsibilities of the secretary are to keep track of members and their standings within the club, monitoring and keeping track of ALL prospects and their progress within the club. Mitchell will be the voice of the club and will raise all best interests and any known problems at meetings.


Road Captain - Shaun Smith    (Portrait)

The duties of the road captain are to plan travel routes and locations. Shaun will make sure everyone is in correct formation whilst riding and will be enforcing club rules, procedures and safety at ALL points during a ride.


Tail Gunner - Sipho Zulu    (Portrait)

The tail gunner will be riding at the back of the formation and assisting the road captain with enforcing riding safety. If anyone is to crash or fall behind for any reason, the tail gunner will stop to assist them. The tail gunner is to assume the responsibilities of the Road Captain whenever they are unable to do so.


Enforcer - Moses Takalua    (Portrait)

The tail gunner will be riding at the back of the formation and assisting the road captain with enforcing riding safety. If anyone is to crash or fall behind for any reason, the tail gunner will stop to assist them. The tail gunner is to assume the responsibilities of the Road Captain whenever they are unable to do so.


Patched Members - Listed below

Ensure that all prospects and hang arounds are following rules and supporting ALL members of the club. Patched members are expected to be present at all meetings.

Patched members at current:

· Kyro Hawk

· Joe Cleen

· Mark Baker

· Chubbs Smith


Prospect - Listed below

A prospect will be required to do anything a Patched Member tells them to do. Prospects will be retrieving bikes from police impounds, guarding bikes at club meetings and striving to prove to ALL members that they are worthy of representing and earning our patch.

Prospects at current:

· Jeffrey Davis

· Mike Fettucine

· Feinicks Bjurns


Hang arounds - Listed below


To support ALL members and associates at all times.

 Hang arounds at current:

· David Hoff

· Buddy Budz


Proposed Location

Valkyries are open to suggestions and are currently unsure of what is available within the city of BlueBird. We are more than happy to be located wherever is free.

Ideally, we would like to be located in Vinewood but totally understand if this is not viable for the server or if there is nothing available in the area. We would love to have the Smokey Biker Basement MLO located in Vinewood if possible and can provide this to you if we are successful in becoming a white listed group.

We are flexible with our location if this isn’t available or optimal in the city. This can be decided at a later point after discussing what is available.


Explain why this is going to add to the roleplay already available on the server outside of what is already available on the server


We are not the same as every other motorcycle club. Our daily activities will be split into two categories being legal and illegal.

We are going to be bringing a more sophisticated and diverse range of roleplay to BlueBird. We plan on interacting more with the general public outside of our club and creating RP situations that all parties are satisfied with. 

Currently there is very hostile roleplay between gangs and the general public and we aim to change the citizens’ view of motorcycle clubs. Not every interaction with a large group needs to be hostile. 

Our MC members have a lot of roleplay experience in other cities. We aim to assist all citizens wherever we can. We want citizens to be able to form long-term relationships with our club members so they can approach us if they need assistance with any problems they may face within the city.

This is outside of all general activities such as bank robberies, weapon trades, drug running, legal jobs, bike rides.

We don’t currently know the government standpoint on money washing and taxes. However, if given the chance to provide a money washing service, Valkyries MC would aim to provide a fair and beneficial outcome for all parties.

At the end of the day, we want to all enjoy a fun and memorable roleplay experience. It does not matter the outcome of the situation, as long as all parties are able to enjoy it and remember it. We are not afraid to receive the short end of the stick and cop a loss in a roleplay situation.


What action will you take to discipline members caught breaking the rules for your organisation and/or the city


If a member is caught severely breaking rules, it may lead to the permanent death of their character. In other cities we have had members who have betrayed the brotherhood and provided intel to the police about our club whom have them been permanently executed.

Any member who breaks city rules will be warned (depending on severity) and if deemed appropriate, will be removed from the club.


Photo Gallery








Valkyries MC Application.pdf

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For all the people trying to apply here;
This is an application to START a new motorcycle club, the application itself was posted late last year but I do not believe they have ever been active in the city. If you would like to join a gang or org in the city you need to find info on them in the city.

Good luck with your search.

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