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Hello BBRP! I'd like to present an idea to the community that will provide a very consistent source of non-violent, action packed and progression rich RP for everyone to enjoy! That idea involves having the ability to host races around the city on a minimalistic centralized app that we can install on our BBRP phones.


Imagine that you have just purchased that brand spanking new R34 Skyline (or whatever floats your boat) and then head to your local mechanic to turn that car into performance machine. However, you arent a "pro get-away driver" and you dont like terrifying the locals with your F1 driving skills, so what do you do? This is where street racing comes in, it would allow everyone in the city to put their machines to the test and indulge in some skill expression against their rivals. I personally would love to roleplay as a notorious street racer whose character progression involves topping the city leaderboards and becoming "the best". This also benefits anyone in the city who has even the slightest interest in motor vehicles because street racing would add another venue to the scope of their RP. Street racing provides a larger purpose for purseing cars in BBRP.


How would racing work?

  • Players navigate to the racing app on their phone where they can host a race or join an existing one
  • Create custom tracks by adding/removing GPS checkpoints to the radar/map
  • Custom HUD that displays position, lap, lap time, best lap
  • Leaderboards for people with the fastest track times or highest ELO ranking
  • Collision-less racing where cars clip through each other to ensure clean and competitive races
  • Specific races for certain vehicle types and classes (Biker gang races? 👀)
  • All of this depends upon the racing script and desires of the community


I believe that this addition also provides a range of logical benefits for the server.

Benefit #1: Even during off-peak times, people would have the opportunity to frequently engage in races in order to progress their financial situation, driving skills, or to just have fun.

Benefit #2: It's a way to consistently bring like-minded people together, enabling new friendships to be formed, rivalries to be escalated, and established relationships to be strengthened. This aspect is especially valuable for new citizens who are looking to meet new people.

Benefit #3: Street racing would have little effect in changing the progression of the overall server direction, for example: a scenario where BBRP turns into a racing focused server. This would be undesirable for BBRP as it would take away from the long history of diverse RP. Races could potentially comprise of only 2-12 people at a time, with a maximum of 1-3 races occurring at once, meaning that only a small % of players are pulled from the busy streets of Melbourne and no "dead rp" affect is felt. (Keep in mind that it is only my personal assumption that this is not desirable for the BBRP community)

All of this sounds great in theory (I think); however, it is important to pay respects to the developers and staff of BBRP who would be burdened with this extra workload. This is where I reach the limit of my knowledge as I do not know what kind of efforts would be required to implement such a thing. If this idea is too large of a project or out of scope for BBRP's future, then I completely understand, I am only here to try my luck because It's something I would absolutely love, and I would like to think that others would love it too.

In order to aide in this decision making process, I have provided a few established FiveM racing scripts below 🙂


[Release] StreetRaces - Multiplayer Races with Checkpoints, HUD and more [v1.00] - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


[PAID] RAHE Racing System [ESX / QB / Standalone] - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


Racing scripts for racing fans - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


Now I leave all of this up to the community of BBRP to discuss! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this idea 🙂


Kindest Regards,

Ryan Lockwood

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Hi Ryan,

This is an amazing idea and you've gone to all this effort to express your idea! Although, if your not already aware this is already a thing in BBRP. I won't go into much detail as you will have to find out more in RP but this is definitely already a thing 👍


Jet Williams.



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