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ANPR - Rework


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Previously ANPR was an amazing tool that Police used to grab number plates and create warrants for individuals which created long term RP.

Currently Myself and a large amount of Police officers find it almost impossible to use/enjoy using due to current status of the script + possible bug issues.

So some concerns I currently have for it is

-> Beeping, It beeps way to much at a really high pitch and is super annoying, Originally this was not an issue at all as it only made the noise on Civilian Vehicles but I believe Null said sounds were fixed with it and this was what the script had orignally intended.
Now sure I understand why it pings every car to be realistic but Picking up Local Driven cars causes it to beep 5x within a couple seconds which for myself and many officers turn on and just turn off immediately  after first batch of cars.. Majority of the time Local Plates dont even come up with the ANPR results. I recommend changing the noise entirely to a low base simple ding. something similar or just the Snapchat Notification Ding is a perfect example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59v-wJ5hteM its not intrusive and its still a noticable ring.

- ANPR Hits, Currently its been a legitmate hit or miss and sometimes does not give me the full information. Usually you will get Car Model > License Plates and any flags for it for the vehicle. In another notification you also get their name which as of very often is VERY delayed with personally a result of mine taking 30s before I had recieved the owner of vehicle and thats if I even get the result to begin with. I would love if ANPR hits from PDG + UP and Automatic ANPR has the Owners name in the same Notification text box as the Car model > license plate and flags.

- Automatic ANPR, I understand that automatic ANPR is a resource on BBRP, I think however its highly underused by officers mainly because of the issues it currently has in Officers opinions. I find sometimes I will get a ping on a Civilian Car and it will show no result. No Car Model or Owner. It tends to only show me License Plate on my screen for a PDG + Up which is faster to just use Webcops MDT and check it throught vehicle history. I would love if it only targeted Civilian Cars to reduce strain it caused but also pings in total

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