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The ability to conceal SOME firearms - Specifically DB shotgun

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I believe that some firearms should be able to be concealed, in the stance that they do not show on your back. 

I strongly thing that the double barrel shotgun (for example) should be able to be concealed for 2 reasons.

Reason 1:

In comparison to the Sawn-off, the double barrel shotgun can only shoot 2 bullets, then needs to reload, meaning it is used in a last resort stance.


Reason 2:

I am under the belief that realistically, the double barrel shotgun would easily be able to be concealed in the side of a coat or even in a jacket. 


With these two reasons in mind, I do believe that with the ability to conceal the double barrel shotgun or other weapons alike, it allows for an evened out

playing field on the basis of shotguns which would take some aspects of the current Mk II meta away and allow for a variety of use in hostile RP.


Would love to hear others opinions, as this is what I am thinking would balance out shotgun playing fields and give a nice little additives to criminal RP. I also believe that it means that the guns may actually be used rather than just sitting in a house/car due to the mass amount of disadvantages it has

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You shouldnt be carrying a firearm like that around unless you actually are in need of it, Your asking for it to be concealed so you can carry it around all the time which is something Admin team is trying to deter people from doing. Hell will freeze over before Devs + Admins allow larger weapon become concealable and I agree with them. We are in Melbourne no one casually walks around with a Double barrel up their shirt and casually hang around key areas of Melbourne with it.

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@Klicke I do agree with you that the items shouldn't be used as an every day item, however there needs to be some ability to conceal a weapon that realistically you would be able to conceal in order to limit the attraction you gain from police and the general public. Furthermore, If you are talking about having larger weapons in Melbourne... you don't casually see automatic rifles being shot in the streets every single day... however we do in bluebird, sometimes things need to be taken with a grain of salt considering its a game. 

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