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Discord Bot Services

Brett Fyre

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[!!!] Discord Bot Services [!!!]


As most of you must be aware about discord bots, Discord bots are something that can come out to be really handy and helpful at most of the times and help in better visuals, management and origination of the discord server. Discord bots can be a really great addition to the servers to reduce the work of Staff, if not moderation then bots can be used for minigames to keep people interested. More of if need to showcase something? Discord bots got your back too! 

As the Discord bots vary, a Discord bot which fulfills your needs are sometimes really hard to find and worse case scenario such bots do not even exist! And what else can be better than a bot where you can put what ever you want and customize it as you feel like! never the less nothing feels better to have the branding you want to be on the bots interface!


Look no Further! I will be keen on making discord bots for your needs! It can be any type of discords, rather it be your Crew's Discord or Business Discord or even Organization Discord

NOTE: Apart from in city charges, it will be required for the buyer to either have a hosting solution or have to pay $3 USD a month to the VPS. If a buyer dont want to pay the hosting fee then there are Slots available but are restricted so they may run out of stock. People who DO NOT pay separately for hosting shall pay 200k on top of the contract.


All pricings will be based on the amount of work needed and the requirements of the buyer.

Rough Estimates:
- Showcase bot: $500,000 



Discord Contact: Craft#6739
Discord Profile: https://imgur.com/a/Yfw4RyD

Images of bot made for Alphadreams: https://imgur.com/a/HjuotkQ 




Recent work (AlphaDreams bot):








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As Brett mentioned above;

5 STARS: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

He recently completed some custom work for us over at Alpha Dreamcars. His work manner was professional

He was able to put together a package for us that not only fit within our budget but also met the needs of our business and understood what we did and how we needed to deliver this to our wide range of customers including those who may not necessarily be tech savvy.

The work delivered went above and beyond any expectations i may have had and have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers and my staff team as the system is clean, tidy and easy to use from both an end user and management perspective. This has not only given us some much needed additions to our already complex and vast Discord but means we can display and retrieve information relative to our business much faster while also logging interactions and being able to make adjustments as we see fit, this being because Brett not only gave us a solid backed but provided us with the tools, commands and guides on how to use and manage it ourselves into the future whilst requiring little to no follow up from himself. Should we require any issues or complications, Brett has stated he will make himself readily available for all maintenance and troubleshooting.

I wholeheartedly stand by Brett Fyre's work and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends, family and other business affiliates looking to get a customized bot for their business, organization or social club.

Kristian Pinzolo
Managing Director / Owner
Alpha Dreamcars


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Hello all,

5 STARS: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

He recently worked on Prism Designs Discord bot and has spent time out of his day to perfect it so our company is up and running. The work was completed very well and even added onto our demands when we asked.

I recommend Brett to make the BOTS for all BBRP companies.

Ashley Yi
Lead Designer
Prism Designs

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