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TBT/RACV improvement idea's.

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Hey all, 
I'm pretty new and only done about a week in the city so far, Which I've mostly spent working/playing as RACV.
Across that time I thought of a few things that might make the role even better.

1. JOB NOTES - This would allow RACV & TBT to be able to add a small description next to their job. eg. Pulling up to a job and the owner isn't present or answering there phone to be able to complete the repair, we could use a codework like CODE5 for an unattended job. Also other reason's like the vehicle is too big to tow and TBT is required or its stuck/ un-obtainable.

2. CLICK TO CALL - This would allow you to click on the phone number in the CAD to dial it or something of the like. Some numbers can be difficult to memorize and a lot of time can be wasted trying to call which may currently be stopping people from bothering to call ahead.

3. NORTH OF CITY INCENTIVES - I find in peek times we can have approx. 20drivers online but jobs north of the city don't get attended, as some can take the time of 2-3 jobs in the city but for the same rates. I thought maybe around $3000-4000? commission(Depending on the distance from TBT north) may help encourage other players to attend these jobs more, preventing people from being stuck out north for 20-30mins before then giving up.

These are all idea's in any case. I'm aware they may have complications I haven't thought of nor even may be possible todo, but thought there is no harm in mentioning it.


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1 and 2 are decent but they would require an entire CAD rework and that cad is used for 4 or 5 different jobs so I'm not sure how that would work but as far as idea number 3 that is not going to happen, RACV is primarily a towing / impound company, there is a reason your repairs / kits cost so much. If you want you can base yourself up north and get all the jobs that are up there (This is what I did when before I was TBT) and you will rake in the cash.

Going back to number 2 if the reason people aren't calling is because of laziness or not being able to remember a six digit number then they deserve to miss calls sometimes, I know it would make it easier if you could just press a button to call before going on the job but manually typing it in is already better than just going to calls and people still don't do that.

Now number 1, I think it could be implemented but has very little reason for doing so, Most of the time when you close a job quickly a bunch of times TBT will eventually come and talk to you, It feels like adding an extra aspect to cad for little to no reason.

TLDR: I like what you are trying to go for, I don't think there is a tonne of value in the first one, the second one would be cool but people already don't call even though it isn't THAT much work so I doubt it would be used a heap and the third is not happening as far as I know.

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Personal opinion I suppose, these ideas were based off my experiences over quite abit of playing RACV 

#1 I'm not sure you know what I meant. 

With #3 facts are facts north jobs just don't get done like the city jobs, so that's that, only trying to help people with wait times north. (this doesn't personally effect me) But would help make the game more enjoyable for people whom may wait along time waiting for nothing.

I totally understand redoing the entire CAD is not plausible but other ways like being able to copy and paste the phone number would help? and as you say "being lazy' that isn't the case at all, I believe it would just make the job cleaner and user friendly, is where I am coming from.

Anyways was trying to give suggestions but feel that was abit of a close minded response, will keep it to myself.

P.S non of this was criticism which I feel it must of came across as , It was merely idea's. 

--Feel free to delete this post--

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1 hour ago, Jarrod Wottleseed said:


You don't really know me but I am not one to get caught up in criticism, I was explaining why they hadn't been implemented or why I thought it hadn't been implemented.

The reason I say #3 is never going to happen is because the price of an RACV repair is already 2-3 times as expensive as the equivalent TBT repair. Repairing cars isn't your job, some people will accept the high cost but a lot of people don't want to. TBT has variable prices, if you want variable prices work your way into TBT. *****RACV Is not for repairs, do repairs if you want but your main job is impounds and you get payed a much higher rate for impounds**********

#1 is hard to explain in a few words but I will give it a try, It would be implementing an annoying change to a system that already works for the benefit of a few people who want to RP a certain way. If you want to RP writing up forms so you have evidence of why you left a certain job go ahead and use the citizen document bind and create some but that extra information does not provide any real value. If it is an urgent thing it is best you get in touch with TBT, being able to submit a code saying "Job couldn't be completed because of Y" means very little at the end of the day to the big boys at TBT.

#2 People are lazy, Yes the current system isn't that user friendly but my point is that typing in 6 numbers is not particularly hard and yet people still avoid doing it, Even if it was implemented it would only be used by a few people and that is why I am saying I do not think it would be a big priority for the dev team. I think this ones is your best suggestion I just don't think it is that needed.

Sorry if I came across mad or something I could not care one way or another who suggests what, I was just trying to give you a bit of info about why certain things are the way they are and why they probably won't change.

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