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The saints not having support

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as our org was approved we were told that we needed to show good consistant rp, it has been nearly 2 weeks since our approval, we have hosted and attended events, some of us have jobs in town and others are RP'ing their butts off, i feel we have NOT made a negative impact on this communty but have made a positive impact, our initial request was to ask if we could have a house in st denis as our org HQ. but with no response from any staff member or any response on how we are going as an org and from an rp point of view i feel as if we are being treated differently to other orgs,  

all we are asking for is a camp setup for our org so we can continue having good rp and somewhere to store our gear. our members are struggling to progress any further as their inventories are full and we are recieving NO support.  other orgs such as the indians got what they wanted instantly and have even been given their own shop where they can sell goods from and private land in wapiti where it is almost off limits to enter.   also MYGOV got full support instantly aswell....

please can we have some kind of support.

also i have tried to contact all of the redm staff members and have also asked for help in the REDM ORG chat. with no reply

The saints.

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