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Vehicle rental


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- Concept
Whether it is renting a racecar for claiming that big prize money in the upcoming race event, or wanting to impress your crush on your next date with a flashy car. A rental place where one could rent a vehicle for a specified amount of time would offer greater flexibility in scenarios in which a specific vehicle might be required. Without having to commit to a full-price purchase on a new or used car it provides a convenient option of choice. This has the potential to open the automotive industry as a freely accessible and transparent market to anyone with a vehicle or looking to rent one, with emphasis on accessibility and transparency. I would like to see this not be a player owned business but rather a public sector that is available to everyone. This would allow for an open market and user controlled prices.

- Rent a vehicle
 • List of vehicles currently available.

  ○ Rent a vehicle for a specified time, or for an unspecified time with an increased rental cost.
  ○ Information is shown about how much fuel and oil is left if the vehicle has been rented under its contract at least once, along with who has rented it before.
  ○ Purchase insurance for a rented vehicle to cover damages on return and fuel cost.
 • List of vehicles currently rented out and their expected return date/time.
 • Request to rent a specific vehicle for a price and a future date/time.

- The following conditions would apply when renting
  ○ Vehicle registration is marked as rented and refers to the lessee's identity.
     (In case the vehicle gets pulled over by police or needs to otherwise be identified)
  ○ Late fees would apply to rentals with a specified return date.
(Meaning that late returns would have to pay extra for every hour. Potentially increasingly/exponential with a price-cap)
  ○ Any incurred damage will have to be covered in full by the lessee upon return of the vehicle, unless insurance covers is.
  ○ Lessee is solely responsible for the vehicle for the specified time in the contract.
(If the vehicle gets impounded the lessee would be charged a fixed price, the contract expires and the vehicle is put back up for rent unless otherwise specified by the lessor)
  ○ Lessee has to sign a lease agreement in advance.

- Listing a vehicle up for rent
 • Specify the date and/or time, and a fixed price or price per hour.
 • Limit visibility to one or more people.
 • Choose what happens in case the vehicle gets impounded.

- The following conditions would apply when listing a vehicle
  ○ The vehicle cannot be wanted by police when listing.
  ○ You cannot rent your own vehicle.
  ○ Prices for a full refuel and oil change have to be covered by the lessor when vehicle is listed.
  ○ There would a minimum time before the vehicle can be retrieved after listing.
(This is to prevent people from using it to instantly refuel and oil there vehicle(s) and not actually listing their vehicles)
  ○ There would a maximum time of how long a vehicle can be rented for.
(This is to prevent it from competing with the existing auto industry and so it can eventually be returned to the owner or be put on the market again)

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I believe if you search in the BBRP Discord nuder #town-meeting-discussions, you will find a discussion about this concept.

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1 hour ago, Flash Cruze said:

I believe if you search in the BBRP Discord nuder #town-meeting-discussions, you will find a discussion about this concept.

Thank you for referencing the #town-meeting-discussion channel in the Discord as you are quite right in saying that other people have brought up this idea before. I will list below the discussions and mentions I managed to find on this idea from the Discord channel. I would encourage anyone to add to this list if they find other past information in regards to this subject.

- Discussions from the Discord [#town-meeting-discussion]
1) August 18, 2021 1:02 AM Steve Jonston👮🚁[SmoreAus]: car rental place would be cool for events like renting an expensive car for the night for a wedding, car show, group event etc

2) May 28, 2021 6:50 PM Brian D. /Tommy A.[ZeArboly]: I have a suggestion that could benefit both sides: you should of course be jailed for it and RACV should not give you Repairs and a car rental system. ( the car rental one already exists In north yankton but brought to city"
May 28, 2021 6:54 PM Jeshin Vidal [Jeshin]: The issue there is with cheap rental cars won't people just drive, crash, rent, drive crash, rent, and litter resource draining vehicles all over the server? Also you have to be careful assigning enhanced punishment to one crime over another. Outright jail for theft of a local vehicle means ALL belongings on that person would be lost to them. That seems pretty severe.
May 28, 2021 6:56 PM Brian D. /Tommy A.[ZeArboly]: Okay but you tell me if you committed grand theft auto would you go to Jail?
May 28, 2021 6:59 PM Jeshin Vidal [Jeshin]: Currently the penalty for an offence is left up to the arresting officer and predominantly is determined by the severity of the offence and the quality of the RP in relation to it. Given the success rate of police apprehending suspects it seems extremely punitive to be sending them to jail when they steal a car from a parking lot to say go chop it or something. Like we're not here to grind people into the ground with fees and charges.
May 28, 2021 7:06 PM Akai Sora 🛫📦 [Akutasan]: People need to be prepared to face the consequences for their actions; stealing cars has become a usual thing to do because of GTA but actually stealing cars irl is so much of a bigger deal
At least punishments for stealing local cars should be the same as stealing player owned cars
May 28, 2021 11:18 PM William Doore [PapaBear]: Would it not work if only one rental was allowed per person, as in unless you return a rental car you can not get another.

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BTW as this would be a new server addition not a small modification to a server rule etc HERE is the correct area not in the #towm-meeting-discussion area. I have not played on a server with rentals but I have played on one with car loans and I feel it would be a similar system and thus should be implementable.

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