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Vincent's Shit QUEUE Idea.


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Vincent's Shit QUEUE Idea.
*This is all probably very wrong, if any of the logic I used for trying to figure out the current queue system is wrong please disregard the topic, this is just how queue feels to an outside observer*

Queue is not an issue for me, as part of the CAT team I have been quite lucky to avoid the fallout-esk wasteland that has been our server queue for the past 4 months or so but I can see the strain the amount of supporters has put on our current system. As it currently exists our queue is a positive feedback loop (Figure 1:) where people get annoyed with queue, decide to support which makes queue worse for others so they are more likely to support.

Figure 1: The cycle of pain.

Whilst from a business POV this is good I got the impression from both staff and long time community members that this was not why supporter existed, we are continually trying to add other ways to give queue priority for free but there is a point when we have to just accept that at the volume we are currently dealing with out queue priority system isn't handling it.

My suggestion is based off a REDM queue system I once helped create, I am not saying I coded it so I can't do that for this community but I was heavily involved in the planning process where we decided what tiers would give what power and how that power related to entry tier players.

*This is all assuming the CitizenFX framework don't fuck with databases differently depending on which game it is used on.*

As it currently exists queue prio is not great for the masses, it feels like you could be waiting in queue for 7 hours and get up to position 2/40 and then 10 plats will join the queue and will instantly go in front of yo.
My idea would be more resource intensive but take into account the amount of time you had waited in queue since tsunami (The numbers are very rough and I may be under or over valuing some of the roles but I think the general Idea is sound)


This very simple spreadsheet converts the flat queue powers into flat time spent in queue bonuses, there are some that will never be beaten by entry queue but I think that is a necessary inclusion for things like Staff, EMS, BBRP Affiliates etc. I will now give you an example of how this will change the queue, we will scale it down to 10 people just to make it easier.

Information for the example:
- It is 7:30pm (3 hours since restart)
- There are less than 300 people on the server (Not realistic but a needed addition for this example)
- User A, B and C have been in queue since restart
- User D, E, F, G, H, and I all joined at 7:30pm
- User J joined at queue at 4:30, waited an hour and got in but left at 7 for dinner, they are now rejoining at 7:30

A : Entry Tier, Year 4 (0qp vs 5min+QT) QT=3 hours   *
B : Whitelisted, Year 4 (30qp vs 1hour 35min+QT) QT=3 hours  *
C : Gold Tier, Year 3 (30qp vs 1 hour 40min+QT) QT=3 hours  *
D : EMS Active, Year 4
(200qp vs 14 hour+QT) QT=0  *
E : EMS not Active, Year 4
(0qp vs 5min+QT) QT=0
F : Entry Tier, Year 1 (0qp vs 40min+QT) QT=0
G : Gold Tier, Year 1 (30qp vs 2hour 10min+QT) QT=0
H : Plat Tier, Year 4 (50qp vs 2hour 35min+QT) QT=0
I : Admin, Year 3 (qp vs 48hour+QT) QT=0  *
J : Plat Tier, Year 2
(50qp vs 2hour 50min+QT) QT=1 hour  *

Using that shit jumble of data I will show you the order I believe each system would put them in.

What Current Seems Like:
I. D. H. J. B. C. G. A. E. F.
I, D, C, B, J, A, H, G, F, E,

The main difference is that it weights how long you have been waiting a lot more than just your position IN your perspective tier due to this a year 4 entry who has been waiting for 3 hours (User A) can beat Users H, G, F and E instead of just F and E, Similarly B & C were able to move up the ranks and were only beaten by those who need to access the server ASAP (active EMS and Staff.)

I know this isn't a great solution, I know it is probably a lot more resource intensive than whatever elegant secret queue script Grundy has made behind the scenes but because no one really talks about how queue really works we have to go off how it feels like it works and right now it feels like it isn't.

 Thankyou for trying to make it easier for those who can't afford to pay for supporter to get some form of queue priority, if this isn't even slightly possible I would be happy to work with the staff to help figure out more ways to do that in the future.

I am not a coder anymore, I do not do LUA and have never worked with the citizenfx framework or with the amounts of data the server currently does but I just wanted to put into words the things people have been complaining about for months but have been unable to describe.

Thankyou for coming to my shitty TED talk.

*Sorry for making a whine-y ramble-y post, If the devs read this you do an amazing job, this is more just so I can scream into the void than anything*

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