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Notification of Entry to / Exit from Speed Zone

Dave Johnson

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As an ambo, we often are treating patients where they lay on a road/freeway and in order to ensure the safety of the EMS team working there, we set down a traffic zone.  Regularly, we have people driving or speeding through established traffic zones.  I believe that a lot of the time, people are focusing on where they're driving and not looking at the minimap to see if there's a traffic zone in their path.

Would it be possible to have the traffic zones render in a more obvious way so that people driving can clearly see them?  Perhaps a translucent cylinder rendered in the world that people can see without having to look down at their minimap?  

Would it also be possible to have, on entry to the speed zone, a message pop up on the screen that says something like "Entering a restricted area. Emergency vehicles only.  Severe penalties apply." or similar to advise people who may choose to enter that they are not permitted? 

Lastly, it's often the case that one person may place down a speed zone but that person is not the last person to leave the scene.  For example, Police arrive on scene first and place down a speed zone, and later the Ambo's and CFA arrive.  The police may not be required to stay, and head off to another job, leaving the Ambos and CFA to finish up inside the pre-existing speed zone.  Since the person who is last to leave is not the person who put down the speed zone, it may not occur to them that the speed zone even exists and simply leaves the scene with a patient on-board. 

Would it be possible to have a message pop up as you're exiting the speed zone that says something like "Leaving Speed Zone, Are you the last to leave?" or similar, to prompt the player to consider whether they're the last to leave so that they can determine whether the zone needs to be deleted or not?  I think this would go a long way towards people removing speed zones, as if you aren't the person who put the zone down in the first place, you may not even think to delete one.

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