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BBE Podcast (BlueBird Experience)

Corey Parker

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Hello Citizens xD I am Rosie Santiago of Humane Labs !! I have a friend starting up a podcast THIS EVENING !! Amazing right !! 

This Discussion is veeerrrryyyy overdue, like 4 days overdue to the Forums page xD. Anyways lets give you an overview of what the Podcast will be about and what my friend wants from you guys !!

BBE Podcast was an idea brought to me by Rikki Cumberdale, (Best Photographer in Melbourne no cap). While I am busy with my family Business and other activities i passed the idea onto a friend of mine who will go by "D". D's Aim is to make everyone's lives better with a weekly insight into events that happen all over the city, giving people a place to be able to unwind and have a laugh on top of that. Basically what any podcast these days are doing. But on top of that D aims to make people feel at home while listening to the Podcast. (Disclaimer: Rikki Cumberdale was and is a huge help to the Podcast and to it's setup, as well as a huge sponsor  !!)

A few Disclaimers:

This is for IN CITY EVENTS ONLY. BBE will not talk about out of city experiences.
Real Names if brought to D will be used. This includes but isn't limited to, Gangs, crews, orgs, criminal and individual names, as well as their crimes (If provided by police their number plates and cars to look out for).
Both Producer and Co-Producer are only responsible for writing the outline of the weekly scripts and cannot control what is said by the Host of the show. (D loves improving a-lot)
The studio of which the Podcast is recorded from is protected by security at all times. Trespassers will be shot on site unless you have a permit or special permission to be on site. (This is to protect workers on site who have no affiliation to the podcast).
Regardless of the host, BBE is a judgement free zone. (Both D and I love everyone equally xD)
If a Crew, ORG, Gang, Citizen ect. wants to silence our Host every recording site has 24/hr Surveillance with cameras and security. 
Rikki Cumberdale has nothing to do with script writing or production (Implemented because of a risk of people assuming he has something more than a supporting role in the Podcast)
Radio channel will change every SUNDAY.
Sponsors Receive a special SHOUTOUT and SEGMENT ! (Sponsorships start from 40k Clean with a 300 Character limit).
All payments can be negotiated between Clean and Dirty money. 
All disclaimers are Subject to change.

Anyways I'm sure that confused you somewhat so here is a run down of how the podcast will run and be structured so you can be up to date or tune it at certain times (The time of segments will vary)


Segment 1 will always be the introduction, with a sub section that will feature a star rating and comment from 1 random listener who comments on this Topic Discussion xD 5 mins max

Segment 2 will be an over view of the week. What's happened in the city (Government things, Parties. Car meets. Political Discussions are all topics that can be discussed here) 15-20 mins

Segment 3 will be an overview of the Criminal Activity that's happened over the week (Disclaimer: Robbers names will be used when Discussing the robbing of people on Jobsites. Police chases, Bank heists) 15-20 mins

Segment 4 will be something along the lines of Listener stories, funny or not, (Disclaimer: 2-4 lucky winner's stories will be chosen each week and featured in this segment) 15 mins

Segment 5 will be Advertisement's. (Anything that an org, crew, worksite, EMS, or citizen wants to advertise like parties or reminders. Advertisements are 25k Clean and 50K Dirty per AD) 5 mins max

Segment 6 will be the wrap up and over all review on the city that week ( or in short D's overall comment on the city that week) 5 mins max

Totalling 60 mins to 80 mins



Speaking of which if you want to have something advertised message me on Discord so i can pass a message on to D. (Discord: LilSushi#5952, or find me in BBRP as Rosie Santiago)
Advertising template will be messaged to you via discord (Price is listed in Disclaimers)

There is no limit to what stories you guys give to BBE. be as creative, as honest, as informative, or as funny as you want ! Because over all, This Podcast is meant for Melbourne city and it's residents !! Because you're all BBE's Family ❤️


Rosie Santiago...

D Anonymous...


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Postponing until next Sunday as we've encountered a problem with some software at the studio we were going to use - regards Rosie

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