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Frank Sheeran perm power gaming

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My name is Frank Sheeran I have been banned power gaming as robbing while invisible, but for my eyes I was there I hid behind his Rumpo and when he unlocked it, I jumped into the seat and drove off. I feel guilty for what I have done because he could have done nothing about it because he could not see me, I am pretty sure there was a spider on my person.      I feel like in this scenario is unfair because my reasons for banning is power gaming/metagaming when I did not even the know the victim I stole from and at the minimum get that taken off my record as it was never true, as the for the invisible part like I stated I was their in my own eyes but not for others, I don’t know if it is because of the shared house as I have heard that can turn u invisible, as when I have died before I did respawn in it for a second before being teleported back to the normal hospital. When I stole the rumpo I just entered and exited the share house prior to put some items away before exiting and seeing if I can rob anyone. I feel the actions that have been brought against me are unjust and unfair also being one sided to the victim, I played BBRP frequently and did invest some cash into a server as I do love playing all the time. To have one chance to rewrite wrongs to rights, I am asking sincerely from the whole BBRP team to please unban me or shorten my sentence for no rp stealing the truck, I wish to continue on BBRP and love everyone and everything about the city, to even be let back in and have to face a jail sentence or work as RACV for a certain amount of hours, I would take that punishment and show the BBRP staff team how dedicated I am to this city and that I want to stay in the city for as long as I can. Thank you for reading my message and hopefully I can be unbanned and prove myself to BBRP I am not guilty of the crimes that have been placed before me.


BAN ID: 50345


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Make an appeal here and wait:https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/

If you are telling the truth don't feel guilty as it does you no favors and you seemingly did nothing wrong.

Edit: Also don't mention if you have gifted cash to the community, you got something out of the deal it wasn't super charitable and it means very little when it comes to your ban.

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