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Move bagging back to the mainland from the Cayo Perico Island.


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I am making this topic today to see if we can get the bagging drugs stage of making drugs back to the mainland. I see the point of spacing the stages out, but that only makes the whole system of making drugs an absolute grind, when it already was. 

1. from the start, getting to the island is a huge hassle. in the case of opuim, once you have planted all your seeds you know have to go through the risk of transferring your powder from your vehicle to your boat. this involves problems like boat getting beached, getting robbed, some vehicles can not drive on sand, and a suitable transferring place being hard to find.

2. instead of going through that, your other option is to pay $5,000 to get your vehicle from the mainland to the island, and then $5,000 back. the ferry that is used to do this currently relies on the users not to press e, and not to press f. this sometimes goes to plan but there always has to be that one guy who does it, this has happened multiple times, then the boat is scuffed removed so you have to visit insurance to get your vehicle back that in the bottom of the ocean. on top of this, the boat gets completely scuffed to the point of reversing when trying to accelerate when a door falls off a vehicle, and the boat is then removed, and you have to visit insurance which is again at the bottom of the ocean to get your car back. all of these issues all happened in one day, and I would hate to be having to use this system every other day to get to the island. the cost of making drugs is already high enough, and whoever made this decision to move them clearly doesn't do it for their money making in the city. a counter argument is just, "find new ways to make money", as this is just a lazy response. 

3. boats currently don't lock so robbers can sit in the water as the boat is sitting on top of the water as you are bagging and wait for you to run away and grab whatever they want out of your boat while you are gone all undercover of the ocean.

4. it doesn't add good roleplay to put the bagging on the island, only increasing the high chance of robbery that was already very present when making drugs, which will only make the player tilt. the scuffed ferries, and the boats that do not lock are also not good roleplay.

I am asking that whoever made the decision please move the drug bagging back to the mainland, or somehow create a underground car tunnel for people to travel on 😄

Thanks Aj.

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update server has crashed still haven't reached island after trying for 12 hours 

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update boat glitched again made it successfully to the island 1 out of 6 times, failing the other 5 times.

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