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Versace Cartel

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We are a local cartel/family wanting to become official in the City!
Versace is originally from America, the  family moved to Australia to try make a better look for them selves. The Versace family moved to Australia in 2013 and arrived in Melbourne on the 15th of June. From this day, they have been in the ups and downs and managed to get themselves together and come back stronger and better then before. The Versace family have a criminal background but are more supporting to help police with certain situations and done well. The Versace’s are out to make it more safer then it was and to support the local community.

We have some pretty good rules that i have put into our group, and i think its good for the members to follow these rules, If they have breached any of these, they do get a warning, demotion or removed from the Cartel immediately. 

We don't start any trouble, we love to be respectful and try handle things in a good way.. the only time we get into violence is when it comes to self defense,

What can we bring into the city?
We love to try think of some good RP's that would be good around Victoria and something that would be fun and interesting for the cops to handle with! 
Any poor RP situations from any of the members will be directly handled by myself and any misconduct making our gang look and will be dealt with seriously in accordance to the server rules


Here are some of the rules that i have set in the Cartel so far!

Rule #1
No Unnecessary Shooting or Killing
If someones pissing you off, talk to them.. we don't want any trouble with the government or any arrests. only time you can use a gun or kill is when its for self defense only.

Rule #2
Try not to mention our name to anyone

Don't go bragging that you are in a cartel, try stay low and be respectful

Rule #3
Dealing with Business

If someone is wanting to buy/sell a Weapon, contact the Boss or Lieutenant. If you have anything else that needs taking care of, contact one of us first!

Rule #4
Criminal Activity

Wanting to do criminal activity? Take your Versace gear off and don't mention the name to anyone,

Gang Location | Vinewood Hills
Note that no violence will come out unless the enemy decides to take action first, we will only escort them out of the property with no harm.
We also just want that one property, doesn't need to be a turf. most people know this house as ours


Photo of the House


if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in-game or on this topic and I will get back to you asap.

Justin Dubs






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