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Saint Diamonds

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Main Application

Name of group
Saint Diamonds

Purposed location 
Franklin's House (564)

Explain why this is going to add to the RP available on the server outside of what is already available on the server 

I Believe having the Saint Diamonds will drastically Increase the role play of Bluebird. The role play that the Saints will bring is very different from the other criminal 
groups in the city. We will be bringing a new form of trading and criminal activity to the city, doing this will greatly contribute to the Role play as we will add 
more experience to those who are looking for a better form of role play by talking about deals and solving the situations rather then doing full on shoot outs. The new form
of trading will be diamonds, we will be using them to trade to the Civilians/Player's of Bluebird to bring them a whole new market of buying, selling, and trading for in 
city item's, and clean money.

What action will you take to discipline members caught breaking the rules or your organisation/city

We only have three chances in the mafia and then you will be asked to leave the Mafia. 1. Will be a verbal warning and depending on how bad the situation is, you will face 
demotion with in the mafia. 2. You will be asked to step away from the Mafia for few day's (amount of day's is completely up to the Godfather/gov). 3. You will no longer be 
apart of the Mafia, will be asked to leave permanently. All of the Mafias permissions will be revoked house keys, store keys, ect. If you continue to act as if you are 
in the Mafia all of your information will be handed over to the government, as I operate a very strict group and anyone seen ruining the work/RP I've created for our group 
in the city should no longer be a part of any group.

Additional Content

Meet the Godfather


Jay Frank is 52 Year-old man who is currently the Godfather of the Saint Diamonds. he isn't the type of man you would come up to and pick a fight with at the bar, 
To tell you the truth you probably wouldn't be standing here reading this biography about Mr. Frank if you did. When working along side Mr. Frank he can be really strict 
to those who mess about within in his Mafia, one slight move out of line and Mr. Frank may just cut your finger off and feed it to his pet dogs. Mr. Frank will get his way 
whether you like it or not, he will use his weapon's an tool's to force the truth from your mouth. Do not think to double cross Mr. Frank as he will always be one step a 
head of you.

Gang Backstory

The Saint Diamonds started out as four friends Garry, Ben, Jay and Harold growing up together in the same neighborhood. The group of friends had always looked up too 
Jays uncle Tony. Tony owned and managed a diamond mine and thought having the four boy's around to help him out with a few job's here and there would be a good idea.  
When the four friends were old enough, Tony knew he could trust the boys enough, he offered them a job to help him count the diamonds collected from his mine. When Tony 
approached the boy's with the offer they quickly accepted. A few day's later they stared there new job helping Tony out. After a few month's of Tony watching the boy's, 
he could see their dedication to the job. Tony decided it was time for them to move up and help out more, he offered them a new job with a lot more responsibility and trust. 
Tony wanted the boy's to come and help him out with the diamond deals, the boy's being excited about the offer accepted with out hesitation.

 The first couple deals went smoothly, Tony saw the potential in them so he quickly started moving them up the rank's. The boys now accompanied Tony to every deal, 
they had become Tony's right hand men. However some of the other worker's did not like this and thought that they were having it too easy. The other worker's were 
planning to sabotage the boys, they were going to put fake diamonds into the next batch that would be used for trading. The worker's knew this could lead to some tragedy 
as one of the boys could be shot, arrested, or killed. Tony and the boy's went to the next deal, which was one of Tony's main client's. When they arrived they set the 
briefcase with the diamond's on the table as usual and sat down across from the client. The client started looking over the diamonds, all was calm and well until one of 
the diamonds did not check out with the test. The client looked up and said ' this is a fake diamond!" But with him knowing Tony for a very long time, he sat the diamond 
to the side and continued with the test. He picked up one more diamond and realized it was a fake as well, he then stood up and whispered in to one of his goon's ear's 
and said "this is a setup up, they are trying to rip me off!" Gun shots broke the silence, Tony fell to the ground holding his chest, Frank quickly flipped the table over 
to block some of the shot's and knelled down next to Tony. Tony said with his dyeing breath "you are now the Godfather, continue our legacy." The boys started firing shot's 
back, while moving towards the door, Garry quickly stood up and tried the door not thinking about the door needing a key card to open, when he went to get back in cover was 
struck in the shoulder by a bullet. Ben being the quick thinker, started shooting out the window next to the door and yelled let's get the hell out of here. Harold ran 
and burst thru the window, Ben followed behind, Frank helped Garry to his feet and put his arm around him and ran thru the window.

After the loss of Tony the group tried to recover and get there footing back, this took a couple weeks especially for Jay. After they had recovered they got word from one 
of Tony's loyal worker's about what had happen with the diamond's. Frank was ready to knock off the worker's who had set them up, but Harold being the clever one of the 
group talked Frank down and explained to him that is to much heat for us to have. Harold explained that is not the way we handle this, violence is our very last resort. 
Frank still upset understood and decided to have Ben and Garry give the worker's a chance to confess to their wrong doing's. 
The worker's immediately confessed to what they did and said they would do what ever Frank wanted them to do to fix it. Frank decided to restructure the entire company, 
new rank's within, and new Branding. They will do what it take's to carry on Tony's legacy's of diamonds. Frank sat at his chair one night and started the restructure of 
the group, fist he laid out the rank's Godfather,Boss, Saint's, Soldier's, and Goon's. Then he was thinking of a name... well his uncle Tony was a Saint and he sold the 
best diamond's anyone could find... then like a light bulb went on Saint Diamond's! He presented the restructure to Ben, Garry, and Harold and they thought it was amazing. 
Frank stood up from his chair and said the Saint Diamond's are born. After months and month's of operating, they ran into a little problem with the police when a detective
noticed the same diamond's at the scene where Tony was murdered. The police came in and spoke with the boy's and decided the mine was to be shut down, but from the boy's 
cooperation they only had to give up the diamond mine, not any of the cash, or possession's as they were all bought and paid for legally. This was a really big hit to the 
chest as they had just lost they way of getting diamonds, as well as the one man they all looked up to. When the boy's were at dinner one night they were approached by 
some people in very nice gray and white suit's, they asked " are you Frank the nephew of Tony?" Frank replied "yes I am, who is asking? They replied "family friend's, 
will you please come with us?! All four boy's asked what it was about they were just told to go though the back door of the restaurant. Reluctantly the boys exited the 
building and got in to a limo that was parked out back. They drove to a big where house a couple of block's away and parked at the front door, one of the guy's in the suit's 
pulled out a document and said sign here Frank, Frank replied I'm not signing anything with out reading it first. It was Tony's will, he had left everything to Frank 
including this Warehouse. Frank signed the document and handed it back, the guy gave Frank the key's to Tony's house, car's, boat's, and the key's to the Warehouse. The 
guy said we will handle all the legal document's for everything Tony set us up to make sure you guy's are taken care of. The boy's stepped out of the limo, Frank looked 
back at the guy, the guy smiled and said enjoy the diamond's Frank. The boy's walked in to Warehouse and saw thousand's and thousand's of briefcase's and to there amazement 
they were filled with diamonds and they all Belonged to Frank. The boys now had a diamond supply to continue Tony's legacy. "Why not buy, sell, and trade the diamond's 
almost like a currency?" Gerry suggested. They decided this wasn't a bad idea at all, now they just needed people to buy, sell, and trade the diamonds with.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our Mafia. Looking forward to adding more Role play to the already amazing Community. 

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2 hours ago, samcharles said:

how do i get in


This was a proposed new gang from last year, I do not believe it was ever active, to join a gang in city you are going to have to ask in city.

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