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Lost MC Org Application

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Hey im blake im from tassie I would like to try and get my MC on trail or whatever yous do to see if were good enough, Im stricted on my boy me the president im a 3 year player always wanted a MC in this city so is my vp (Brego) we've got a NSW chapter (nsw gov) we've got patch and stuff we've already been in city 5 times with the boys we chose this one over any other server as I know you guys well if you can review this soon as possible would be nice we've got gang rules and stuff and etc like 

rule 1 Follow our bylaws caught breaking any will = to gang disqualification = must be killed by a patch member to lose gang merory rule 2 strikes will be given out for rule breaks = punishment..... rule 3 caught expoliting in rp or worse @STAFF i will make sure they talk to you and why we shouldnt kick you out of the MC....... Rule 4 Dont get in shit with other gangs dont kill in patch unless needed Rule 5 Discord TOS Apply at all times Rule 6 No Racism If any rules are broken you will or may get a strike depends on the broken rule...  

We also love Forsaken and Warlocks 

We've got bylaws aswell 

1. The Lost MC will be your only active Crew. Any knowledge of you being active in another Crew/MC will get an automatic termination of colors. This is the main rule, if you want to be a part of this organization, prove it, show it, always wear your colors!!!(edited)
[8:50 PM]
2.No explosives of any kind will be thrown into the fire where there is one or more The Lost in the area. FINE: Ass whipping and subject to the executive board.(edited)
[8:51 PM]
3. Brother shall not fight each other with weapons; when any The Creed fights another , it is one on one, prospects same as members.breaking above rule or possible loss of patch.(edited)
[8:52 PM]
4. If you don't help out the Club in its activities and you use the Club solely for your benefit, you will be warned. No second chance.
[8:52 PM]
5. Do as you say or walk the line.
[8:52 PM]
6. Any The Lost MC losing privilege of wearing colors will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over prospects.
Where also aware that if someone gets a strike it will probably fall on the Club and I Also understand that it might take 1-10 days to get reviewed cant wait guys

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