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The Eye Organization Application

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 The Eye’s first founders were James Leonard and Kayla Tree. They were both born in USA, their houses next to each other. They had always been best friends since their childhood. When they grew up, they were law abiding citizens. However, one day, Kayla was falsely arrested for a robbery she didn’t commit. James tried to save her but to no avail. It was soon discovered by the both of them that she was being framed by the cops, who had got money from the actual robbers to frame someone else. This soon turned into a hatred for cops in the both of them. When Kayla got out of jail, she and James turned to crime. They tried as much as possible to steal from the government and break the laws. They made sure to not harm any innocent people while doing it. Though they spared innocent people, they made sure to give people what they deserve. Thus, they created an organization, - The Eye. They planned to be the eye which watches everyone unknowingly, and they succeeded. The Eyes has been known to expose corrupt government agents and people. The Eye has been behind a lot of high profile heists, and is so smart that cops have sometimes been unable to figure out how they committed the crime. Since then, The Eye has been growing. The Eye moved its headquarters to Asia in 2006 to engage in business with a well known criminal known as El Chapo. The Eye then looked for more opportunities, and then came to Melbourne, Australia, the state of opportunities and crime in 2015. The Eye first got in control of the Vinewood Hills, the richest part of the city of Victoria, and then, La Puerta, the most industrial part. The Eye grows and sells several drugs. Though drugs are a big part of the earnings, the main job of The Eye is to commit, or help in committing high profile heists. The Eye has robbed the Pacific Bank once in 2016, and it was a big success. The money earned from that was invested in future endeavors of The Eye.  The Eye also deals in chopping cars. The Eye tries to be friendly to other illegal organizations and gangs, however if the other gang is not friendly as well, The Eye spends no time in leaving them alone. The Eye tries its best to destroy them in any way possible. The Eye plans to grow ahead in Los Santos. 


We will be involved in RP such as :

Car chopping


Bank and armored truck heists



Armaguard Heists

Hostile Hostage Roleplay


Always listen to higher ups.

 Never forget to give a small cut of your earnings to the organization.
 Do not rat us out to the police.
  Do not let anyone know you are a part of us.
  Be in good relationships with other members.
  Never harm innocent people. Police are not considered innocent people.

  All members who break the server rules will be kicked out of the organization and reported to staff.

       Gang colors

We are not specified by a specific color. We are in every color, every gender, and every race.

     Our Members

The identity of the members is to remain unknown as we are a secret organization. A link to the discord can be provided if requested by the admins.


Leader - The topmost position in the organization, this position is only given to those who have proven themselves worthy of being a decision maker and being good at what they do.

Handler - Each leader handles 3-4 handlers, and the handlers are second in command after the leaders. They in turn handle captains.

Captains - They handle the agents and the new recruits. They make sure that the agents and recruits are not breaking the rules of the organization.

Agents - These members have grown from recruits by proving their worth and are able to request the secrets of the organization if in their level.

Recruits - They are new recruits who have just joined the organization and have to prove their worth.


Level 5 - Only accessible to the leaders.   

Level 4 - Accessible to the handlers.

Level 3 - Accessible to captains.

Level 2 - Accessible to Agents.


We are open to suggestions as long as it is within the city, we are currently looking for an establishment.

Faction Goals

To make as much money as possible by committing illegal activities such as heists, robberies,chopping cars etc. Expose corruption of government agents.


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