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Portrait artist

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I would like to start a business as artist and sell portrait drawings.

i thought it would be cool to have your portrait hanging in your house.
i know the way to do it, but an dev/admin should be implant the texture/image into the game.

other idea is to email/dm them the drawing, it will not be ingame then tho so don't know if it would be a valid business then.

so the idea is to advertise and then people can email there image of the character the drawing has to be made of, i make this irl, and then put the image in-game, or if that's not possible just send them by dm or email.

since this comes close to what i do irl as well, i hope this helps to make good RP .

is this the way to put the idea out, or should i post it somewhere else as well? 


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To extend this idea, to open an art gallery or something in the future where people can get custom art for there homes.

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Ok, I'd seperate your business idea from your real suggestion which is (this is just my understanding) to create a number of new furniture items that will allow an input of an imgur link or similar and load it in city so that the general population can all view things like;
- IC Photos inside frames
- Paintings
- Murals

I think it sounds cool, not super sure how people's PC's would like loading in 30 images at once in a gallery but I like the basic premise.

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Well my idea wasn't really to link to images, but implant them, kinda how clubhouses get more personalized. basically a client put a paining on the wall in their house where they want to have the artwork, then replace the original image/texture with the new image.
thats why i thought just for home owners, since they are whitelisted and not whole server get filled with it.
you need to be inside the house will it load the information for you

Linking outside the server to a site like igmur gives to much network/bandwidth  usage and security risks

And its a business idea since i want to sell art in the city. 🙂 
drugs, food, cars are already a thing so i thought this can brings something new, and art wouldn't be as big as drugs, cars or food.

and i can mod the files myself if there is need for that, basically with openIV, codewalker and photoshop it can be done.

indeed a gallery could be a bit of an issue, but thats why i put it as a future thing 

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