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Southside Saints Application

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Name: Southside Saints
Proposed Location: Grove st or James Town
Uniform/Colour: Green 

Back Story:  Southside Saints were a very powerful gang in Melbourne during the 90's they were made up of many different nationalities such as African Americans, New Zealanders, Islanders, Europeans, Aussies, Aboriginals and many others. Most of the people in the gang grew up in the area and had family members in the gang, living in the area was like a curse,  either you join the gang or the gang makes you their bitch. The Saints usually picked there members while they were young and impressional and looking for quick cash. My first encounter with the gang was when I was twelve years old, I was on my way home from school and two men in there late twenties approached me and saw my clothes were dirty and had holes in them, the two men asked me about why my clothes were in such bad condition and I explained to them that my dad was in jail and my mum didn't have enough for new ones, one of the men handed me a $50 note and said he wanted me to buy a new uniform. The next day after I had bought my uniform the same man gave me a bandanna and a ziplock bag, I looked inside the bag and in the bag was 20 grams of MDMA, the man told me to stand on the corner every day and sell the MDMA to pay him back, he also told me if I got into any trouble with people on the block about taking their business that i should wave my bandanna and they would know not to fuck with me. My story is one out of the many people in the Saints. After the my dad got out of jail he killed my mum for ratting him out to the cops, not long after my mums death my dad disappeared. The cops told me that my dad had skipped town in fear of going back to jail but I knew what had really happened. The Saints were always there for me, they took care of me after my dad went missing even though it was most likely them that killed my dad I still felt like they were my real family. The Saints looked after many brothers and sisters from the block both financially and physically.


Meet the Team: 

Founder: Jason Grey

2IC: Sam McGuigan

Block Boss: Marquis Bungo

Enforcer: N/A

Soldier: Jose Easy, Frederick Stieger

Saint: Bob Grant, Cory Lahey, Sleepy Hallow, Alex Ruddley, Frankie Nickels, Jessica Haze, Sam Willson

Hang-around: Jacob Black, Buegzy Mite, Deebo Johnson,  Lorenzo Martinez, Phil Dees, Jack Burton, Larry Noe

Total Member count for this chapter: 19

Goals: Our goal as a gang on Bluebird RP is to create fun interactions and realistic gang role play for the Bluebird community to enjoy, we don't want to be a very violent gang but be more into local drug dealer RP. As The founder and leader of the gang I want to make Bluebirds chapter of our gang our main chapter/mother chapter. I myself have owned gangs and even FiveM servers in the past so I know how to correctly govern this gang so that we can work to the best of our ability in order to make sure Bluebird is a fun and safe community.

Discipline: Our gang has a very strict set of rules that if broken will lead to very powerful consequences. 

Gang Rules: 

1. Members must have their own gun unless borrowing gang gun then get your own gun ASAP.

2. Loss or suspension of mark means no vote and hanging with us until you get it back.

3. A Saint must follow all reasonable directions given by a marked member. 

4. Any vote for killing someone will be referred to as ' Resurrection of a Saint' and must be a unanimous vote.

5. Any business brought to the gang must be majority voted, the member that brings the business to the gang takes point.

6. Never ask for a promotion or you will be dealt with accordingly.

7. If anyone that is not a Saint or higher is found with the South Side Saint tattoo on they will be terminated and killed.

Values: Family, Teamwork, Creativity, Loyalty, Honesty. 

Edited by Quadzy
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