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TDG's whitelist application


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Discord Name (#) (TDG#7687)


When is your Birthday

Character Full Name
Clyde Martin

What is your character's backstory? (minimum 3-5 sentences)
my character is kid who burned down his house and killed both his perants. in his 20's he started to rob stores, sell drugs and he burned down 23 buildings wanted for 25,000$. and in his mid 20's he got caught smuggling drugs past the border and was in prison the rest of his 20's.

1: What is the meaning of RDM? Give an example of RDM?
the meaning of rdm is Random Death Match. as an killing a random person without any interactions with the person.

2: What is the meaning of VDM? Give an example of VDM?
the meaning of vdm is Vehicle death match. as an running someone over and not knowing who they are and not seeing if they are okay.

3: What job will you take on in the city?
fire fighter.

4: What experience do you have in Roleplay?
i have 6 monthes worth of experience in rp.

5: Roleplay is different for everyone else. Please explain what Roleplay means to you in your own words. (minimum 2-3 sentences).
 rp to me is a way to step out of reality and be who you want. in rp you can be the total opposite of what you are irl which is realy fun.

6: Have you read the RP Rules? (Acknowledging this confirms you have read the rules and will be given a ban not a warning upon a rule break)
yes, I've read the rules.

7: There are times on the server where admins are not online, how can we trust you to follow the rules when there is no admin team on the server / discord?
when there are no admins online i usually don't play because kids like to RDM a lot when there's no admins online.

8: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your characters?
a strength of clyde's  is that he's very good with fire he can burn anything that he wants and he can put out any fire that he wants. weaknes of clyde's he not a good swimmer and he almost drowned twice.

9: You have no illegal items on you and no warrants out for your arrest. You're stopped by the cops, what do you do?
ask the cop what i did.

10: You're just shot in the head by a rival gang and you get downed, and there's nobody else around, You hear your friends on your bluetooth, what are you doing?
nothing because if i talk thats cheating.

11: Your character is checking out the latest headlines at the newspaper stand on the sidewalk, and a masked man is walking up and pointing a gun at your character. Your character has a radio, a cell phone and a knife in his jacket. What is your character doing, and how are they reacting?
putting my hands up and sending a message to the police

12: In your own words what is FailRP?
unrealistic role play, like something that wont happen irl

13: When is it acceptable to kidnap EMS or Police Officers?
when they are off duty

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Hey bud, This is not the place for a whitelist application, I'm assuming you are making this post because the server is in restricted mode and it asked you to make an allow list application, weirdly enough those are two different things and the allow list application doesn't exist anymore.

Sometimes the server is place into this mode when there is either a small amount of staff able to moderate the server or a wave of new players with bad intentions has come into the city. During this mode People who are whitelisted (Players who have a good track record and thus have been granted extra perms) and players have some sort of gold supporter are the only people guaranteed entry into the server queue. The final group of people who have access is what I call a "Trusted player", they are a member of the community who has 120 hours in game and no yellow or red cards in the last month.

If you actually wanted to be whitelisted then asking for it is a sure fire way to delay getting whitelist bud, Just keep up the good work in the city, rp your pants off and maybe try and help out a bit on discord with some of the newer players. Good luck bud.

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