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Illegal vs legal weapons.

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After playing a 110+ hours over the last week or so, I've noticed how strict this server attempts to be with the standard of roleplay.

I want to propose a new/overhaul "weapon" system. Over the past week I've literally lost count how much I've been robbed, killed, kidnapped. My only issue with this is simply how easy it is to be able to get a gun with a gun license that costs 90k then go robbing and killing anyone they want without any fear. Shooting someone with a LICENSED firearm WILL trace back to you, but not here.

So here is a possible solution to;

A) Improve RP/realism within the sever

B) Reduce the amount of weapons flooding the city.


Legal Firearms - With the legal firearms, I feel 90k for a license and 40k for a pistol is very acceptable for pricing, but I feel like a purchased gun or ammo from a gunshop SHOULD link to the player and leave bullet casings on the ground for PD to look at and investigate. The fact people can buy a gun, shoot you and not worry is very unrealistic and ultimately causing more deathmatch and unrealistic robberies within the community. Especially when I can guarantee no one roleplays scratching serial numbers off.


Illegal Firearms - Fully untraceable black market weapon, all serial numbers scratched off and perfect for criminal activity. This could be controlled by official factions within the community, they could have a black market warehouse where lower ranks could be slaved to build them or buy them. Once the gang has the gun they can then set the price to sell it on the streets (obviously inline with the current economy). Then other criminals can sell them further for others in the community for abit higher of a pricing point to help the "Arms Dealers" of the city.


I've seen this system work perfectly in San Andrea Multiplayer back in the day and I feel it should be a more than possible system to implement here. I know majority of the trigger happy players will not agree with this suggestion, but I truly feel this needs to happen as getting robbed 3-6 times a day isn't enjoyable nor is it realistic.


EDIT: This will also help and hopefully prevent all the non rp "Selling water pistols with water" and "Selling cap guns with caps!" yellow pages advertisements.



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I don't know if you know this but there are groups of people in game who can already craft black market weapons (not just purchase them for two hours a day), but as far as traceable weapons I like the idea, I think it would chug server memory but if it could be done cleanly I think it would be great. Currently you can go into a store, but a gun and just give it to your friend who doesn't have a license, if the cops find him he can quickly shove that gun in your car etc and he can't really be done in for it unless the cops saw him open up the glove-box as they were arriving. 

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