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Black Roses MC - Application


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Organization Name: Black Roses MC

Proposed Location: Clubhouse in Paleto Bay [Bendigo]

Explain why this is going to add to the roleplay already available on the server outside of what is already available on the server.

The organizations activities vary depending on the ventures of the club and those that make it what it is to be, these being by default both criminal and civil in nature. The group will endeavour to bring interesting and creative roleplay to the BluebirdRP Community. We do not intend to be innately hostile by focusing on using our words instead of shooting and believe that with the experience held by leadership and the members, we can create intriguing criminal/civil roleplay for all parties.

We believe that the general demeanour and execution of roleplay has become stale across the city from all parties (civilians and criminals) and aim to promote / encourage roleplay across the community by setting a standard. We will be running a tight-knit group primarily focused on heavy roleplay. An agreement is made before joining the group that this will be strictly roleplay. All of our current members have the ability to separate RP from IRL and adapt to situations, whether it be winning or losing and putting years of character development on the line. They also have a lot of experience in organized criminal roleplay and running businesses which we believe would be a benefit to the organization. One of our requirements to be a patched member is to be whitelisted.

The club will partake in many criminal activities and will in many ways impact the current criminal economy by conducting business as a criminal organization should. The group will be conducted in a manner to be fair to individuals while also benefiting the organization, we will be incorporating all forms of the server in our roleplay. We strive to spread out the core roleplay by conducting our business mostly in our elected grounds which we believe will spread out what is a very clustered criminal/civilian hub of roleplay at this time.


What action will you take to discipline members caught breaking the rules for your organisation and/or the city.

If members are caught breaking club rules, it could lead to punishments elected through the correct channels of authority within the club, in some instances the by-product of their actions will be voted upon by officials within the club. The worst punishment by the club being an elected/agreed permanent death of their character, being sent away or a soft pk depending on severity. (We will by no means pressure an individual into a PK situation, but this is an agreed system within senior members).

If a member was found to be in breach of server and community guidelines we take rule breaches very seriously so we will ensure the appropriate disciplinary action is issued to the person and actively try harder to ensure our members do not breach the server/community guidelines again, by actively partaking in keeping an open line of communication with our members to prevent breaking any community guidelines and have a great understanding / familiarisation of the server rules. Depending on severity the person may be removed from the club entirely.



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