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Heavy Hitters MC City Application

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Heavy Hitters MC came into the shores of Melbourne Australia from New Zealand to create a world of piece. We the Heavy Hitters MC are what makes the "world go around!" 

The intentions of the HHMC is to bring piece to the world, Bring everyone together. The MC was established in 1967 in Auckland, New Zealand. All members had a hard upbringing, not an easy one anyway. Their fathers were also an inspiration to their boys as they too were apart of a brotherhood. As we watched our old's as we grew there was only one way of life, and that was to follow in the footsteps of my father. Become a lifetime member of the brotherhood, So here I am today applying for acceptance into the city of Melbourne.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           -=[ History ]=-

Heavy Hitters is an organized brotherhood which was established in 1967 but slowly started losing its sight in 2003 as majority of the Leaders of the family at the time were deported back to Australia as they were involved in various of crimes. Livin Sanchez the Son of former leader Oscar Sanchez has set his stone with a few boys to bring the Brotherhood back to the streets, Heavy Hitters MC ( HHMC ) were a group of Motorcyclist who loved to ride everyday, whenever they had the chance. These Men were family guys and did whatever it took for their Families, Some weeks they would gather all the folks around, setup a BBQ at the beach with everyone, put on free meals for the public, Host discos for kids, and book out bars for the locals. No one ever knew where this money was coming from & who was paying for their drinks but they enjoyed their time and did it for their community! not only ensuring they had fun but atleast those surrounding them enjoyed their time aswell. HHMC was a very welcoming family, they have opened home to those who have struggled given back to who they love, only to have the respect from their people! Although times like these are fun you've got to realized their are times where Rivals decide to disrespect what you have got an interrupt your space. HHMC would always take care of these streets, They made sure the people safe, No one had been hurt, They would find  whoever it was causing this beef and talk! They would talk the beef out and the next thing you know the streets are SAFE!

Heavy hitters brought a different time of energy! lets see them out on the streets AGAIN!

Cheers Livin.



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