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With a single designated leader you can conduct criminal/non-criminal group roleplay within the server as your registered GANG, CLUB or ORG once approved.

With your registered org you will have:

 - The ability to operate as a group with a leader

- Operate with up to 5 people as part of your group (subject to change with ONESYNC arrival etc)

- Give your group a name 


- Org Leaders are expected to take responsibility for how the group operates and you will be held accountable for the actions of yourself and your members when acting as an org. 

-Org Leaders must remain active for at least 5 hours per week during peak times.

-Org Leaders CANNOT transfer ownership of the organisation without approval from RED M admin team.

- Org Leaders and Members who are found to be breaking rules can get your group terminated and prevent you from running further groups or organisations in the future

- Organisations who are found to not be providing good roleplay will be reviewed and terminated at the Staffs team discretion ( i.e if you become a large problem for civs, Sheriffs or other groups)

- Organisations who are found to have great Roleplay will be allowed certain privileges within the server such as houses, shops and/or features such as manufacturing or customisation of weapon systems etc.

- Org members cannot be in another Crew, Gang / Organisation or any other management role (such as sheriff's, physician's or horse trainers) on the same character.

-Org member's MUST have an identifiable feature on their clothing during clashes with other gangs - however you cannot lay claim to any colour or piece of clothing.

- Organisations are still held to the Community Guidelines, so any Uniforms or names must comply with these.


Naturally we expect your group may come across other organisations within the country. You will need comply with the RDM rules and make sure that you have significant roleplay behind your violence. (Hint: Sniping them from a hill even with good reason could see you in-violation of the RDM rule if there has not been enough roleplay to elevate to killing)


You can attempt to control how a certain town operates and treat rival groups with appropriate interactions depending on your standing with them however, civilians should not be gunned down or constantly harassed for using server resources within the area, such as stables and general stores etc. However your property/area can be used as a hangout location or base of operations. 


Avoid the attention of the Sheriff's Department. It does not make sense that a 5 person group would ever wage war with an entire department of law enforcers. You may have beef with certain sheriff's or even the entire force but be realistic in your actions and retaliations. BE SMART ABOUT IT.

AVOID hostile RP towards physicians as they are working wherever possible! If your RP involves physicians then that is fine but whilst they're attempting to do their job please pay them respects, you may and most likely will require their assistance from time to time. 


You must have a reason and goal to commence an attack against another org. Beef and occasional hostile interactions are expected provided rules are followed and there is always RP to justify your actions. 



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