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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. I'll start this by saying I love that something like vote kick exists, I think it is a very necessary so that when no staff are around the community has some recourse against hate, hackers and finally MASS rdmers. Outside of those three scenarios (or ones with a similar level of impact to peoples RP and or their feelings of personal safety) I believe the system is being misused and abused. I do not know exactly how the five m framework works but my understanding is that is runs off a similar LUA code as source games do, my suggestion is something many source servers have implemented / have developed separately so I don't believe it should have a massive impact on server performance. The basic idea is a UI that will pop up when people attempt to do vote kicks now, the back end vote would be the exact same when after they go through the UI but this would encourage people to think about if "talking while dead" or silly things like that are really things you need to votekick for. Image 1: Just showing the same command being used. Image 2: A very small pre-amble dissuading people from using votekick for minor things or non immediate threats to people personal sense of security or major hindrances to RP. Image 3: Just a basic fill in the blank form for the vote kick, ID would be auto filled from the previous page, time would be in reference to when the offender broke the rule (not the current time unless they are still doing so), rules broken is pretty self explanatory, Context would be what would be shown in the vote kick, something short and sweet like "NO RP, ran up to us shot us in the head and then started calling my trans friend a 'dumb confused "n-word" who he was going to sexually assault' ", last one is just for any additional things you can remember / think that matter so that the staff have more to help them investigate should the vote kick be contested. Image 4: just explains some of the consequences if you are found to be missuing the system repeatedly or abusing it for personal gain. Image 5: simple conformation message. I know this isn't a perfect solution and that showing that there are potential consequences for a false report may discourage legit kicks from being filed but I believe this is a problem and whist this isn't a very elegant solution it is the simplest I could think of. If you have any changes you think I should implement or any criticism / other ideas I would like to hear them, if your post is going to just complain about the current votekick system I do not need to read them so please don't post them on this suggestion.
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