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BlueBirdRP Crew Org Race

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BlueBirdRP Crew Org race.


Coming from me, it may not mean much to some but I’d like to think I hold a significant place amongst the history of Crews in BlueBirdRP being a long-time leader of a crew plus who went through the same struggles these Crews are going through now.


As someone who experienced their Crew Plus fall apart due to us not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a two year run, I would like to put my opinion forward regarding this matter.


We are at the brink of seeing the crumble of the TOP Crews in this city if we do not make the right decision, the infamous “Org Race” has seen us lose many great crews in the past who contributed a much bigger role to the server than most people think, first one the comes to mind is Black Rose Mafia who should of been given a chance.

It’s no secret the “Org Race” is a battle of three Crews at the moment, Sons of Shane, 58Sixers and Maradox, we have fears that if a decision is made to move one forward we will lose the other two or if we do not make a move we may lose all three.

All three are long standing Crews who absolutely deserve a place in this city, let’s not make the same mistakes as the past by letting good crews walk as we can all agree, they are hard to come by nowadays, especially ones that are in it for the long run. 


What should we do with these Crews?


First of all, a bit of transparency which I feel we have had a lack of in this area, a discussion should be made with these crews to let them know what we expect when taking the next step, we have seen plenty of crews promise the world when moving to org and not follow through with this.



Maradox has shown a passion for creating roleplay in the shadows, similar to how the Smith sisters operate, creating scenes for other crews, organisations and civilians across the city.


I propose rather than Org, we give them the ability to do these events in a bigger way, put more trust in them and allow them to keep the city entertained. They may have a different idea but they could potentially become a group that works directly under the Smiths to host events similar to “Irish”

This may require a new base of operations for them and potentially a couple extra member slots.


SOS & 58Sixers 


Give them both Org.

Again, both crews NEED to follow through with what’s promised in their Org applications.



58Sixers are a very well rounded Crew, they have shown that they excel in business and bring a different aspect to the street orgs we have seen before. RJ is a great leader,he is professional, well spoken, level headed and could definitely lead a roster of 30 with no issues.


Although they could definitely do some damage if needed, I know they would not be a shoot first org and would attempt to work around issues if possible as we have already seen them do. 


They have multiple business revenues such as “downtown wreckers” and their recent addition of “Dave's Autos” which they successfully ran before acquiring Crew Plus.


These businesses are hard to run with a Crew of 10 whilst trying to manage meetings, deals and the day to day grind. Having a bigger roster will see both these businesses thrive.


Sons of Shane:


Sons of Shane are definitely a wild bunch, but I think that’s what the city needs. It's exciting, people may have their opinions but if you really know them, you know they are all about having fun and providing a good time for everyone. Much like 58 they excel in business and have been super consistent over the past 2 years, led by another great leader in Shane.

The excuse for them moving forward was always the fact that there were “too many” MC’s but with only Poison Ivy remaining, it’s the perfect time. 


SOS provide a lot of quality events, provide a unique rental service to the city and have very close relations with their crews.


The idea of having supporter crews for a way into their org is great, their recent Org app video speaks for itself, I shouldn't have to say more.



Moral of the story here, let’s not turn this into another popularity contest, let’s make the right decision and keep these guys around!

People may say, bringing in 2 orgs will kill the crew scene but let’s not pretend that’s true, crews nowadays aren't lasting as is, the current crew plus’s are the only long standing crews.


Unless it’s a server issue, bringing in 2 orgs instead of 1 will not have any negative effects.


Even if it is a trial period, give them a temp location, cap members at 20, no org clothing until a certain date, there’s many ways we can make this work.


I just don't want to see us lose multiple good crews again because we were not willing to take a chance on someone... 


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