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Introduce /ghost [playerid]


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Was sorta abusing #town-meeting-topics to make this suggestion but was pointed out to me that suggestions should go on forums, wich is fair, so here we are:
I would love to see a /ghost [playerid] command!

In most recent games there's the option to "ghost" certain players, wich means they:
- Lose all collision/ability to hurt you (and become untextured transparant)
- Lose their voice

This only happens for the player using this command (so you cant just make somebody transparant for everybody around you) Even so when i tossed this up in #town-meeting-topics a few people pointed out possible abuse, and some of it was fair, so ill just add that this command should probably only be available for recognized content creators and it should never work against cops.

Reason i ask is i watch a lot of BBRP streamers and lately they've been getting a lot of streamsnipers (wuu school holidays!...) while the moderation team appears to be busy (like, several hours of getting streamsniped and sending reports about it did nothing for 2 of the recognized streamers today) so this is trying to offer a solution for when moderation team is not available. I mean, even GTA:Online has a predecessor of this (passive, wich just doesnt include the blocking of voice chat) so it would be great if BBRP could get something like this too, at the least for the people who's livelihood depend on not streaming kids screaming N words etc.

Few side-notes:

  • This command should convert playerid to steamid or fivemid or whatever so it stays in effect after rejoins
  • It should support doing this on a playerid that just left the city less then a minute ago
  • There are native functions for the actual ghosting bit (from 'passive mode') so hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to make?

Thx for reading and maybe even considering 👍👍

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