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Rose Families will be a gang org with a goal of becoming a cartel.

Our aim is to help alleviate the gangs monopoly on the city when it comes to drugs and weapons, hoping to work with the working class man (the various unions) and if possible, police (giving them a way to "wash" the dirty money they confiscate from criminals).

Colour? No current colour selected as we would prefer to remain unseen and underground for as long as possible. Potentially white, but this would be further established at a later time.

Where to do business? A few potential places. The Lost Motorbike shop (needs interior fixed as walls and floor are currently invisible) Postcode: 60, Atomic garage, or a warehouse/garage around the postcode 60 area to start off.

Punishment for those breaking the rules? Demotion/loss of role within org. They get one chance to earn the trust back. Second offences are stripped of any affiliation with The Family. (If it's a gov offence, gov will be informed regardless of whether its a first or second offence)

Currently 10 people definitely interested in being a part and 2 others thinking about it.
Happy to provide names if needed, but as mentioned, we want to remain illusive.


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