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  1. GP had advised to bring it up again in dev suggestions. That's the only reason I dragged this post back up so I wasn't double posting about the same topic Unless that ment a ticket
  2. Fairly self explanatory At postcode 60, on the corner near the miners cloak room is The Lost motorbike garage. However when you enter the floor and walls are all see through. Would be great to have this fixed as it could be used as a club/org house
  3. I was going to make a post about this but I'm going to necro this. At time of the original post I'm believe this was a feature, however as of today it has been confirmed that this feature has been removed for optimization purposes. While I have no experience (neither played or viewed) or NoPixel, in Fat Duck Gaming, their system works with lockpicks to enter a house, with a sleeping local so you have to sneak to not be detected. There are cupboards, wardrobes and tv units that are searchable for various goods. Would love to see something like this added for more immersive robberies!
  4. Rose Families will be a gang org with a goal of becoming a cartel. Our aim is to help alleviate the gangs monopoly on the city when it comes to drugs and weapons, hoping to work with the working class man (the various unions) and if possible, police (giving them a way to "wash" the dirty money they confiscate from criminals). Colour? No current colour selected as we would prefer to remain unseen and underground for as long as possible. Potentially white, but this would be further established at a later time. Where to do business? A few potential places. The Lost Motorbike shop (ne
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