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  1. Make a general ticket here on the forums, it will get turned into a dev ticket and get looked at. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/
  2. Hey bud, With the info you have given me I am going to make 2 assumptions; A) The ban is a long one, B) You have yet to make a real ban appeal. Due to the ban being longer that 30 days you are entitled to make an appeal for said ban, to make a ban appeal ticket go here: https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/
  3. Hey bud, I just checked the forums and it seems like you are linked up properly, the last step for getting your queue prio and in city shop access is to join the city once full post discord link. Hope it works out.
  4. This feels more like a suggestion than a question but I will treat it as both; Firstly, I do not believe there is a way currently to remove your car from the 2nd hand dealership "For Sale Yard", Secondly, If you wish to make a suggestion I suggest putting it here and putting in a little more effort than a single sentence. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/forum/63-server-suggestions/
  5. There are a few unused drug labs from the GTA Online content, which one at which postcode did you mean in particular?
  6. I'm not going to say how it was done but up until recently there was a way to rob houses in game, that script got disabled to increase performance when the server upgraded to 300 slots but I believe GP and the rest of the dev team are looking at other ways of re-implementing it.
  7. Hey bud, If you want to manually lock it the /lu command both locks and unlocks the car. This could potentially fix it your problem but if the problem remains you need to ask in #centrelink-civ-support-services and if you can't get help there make a general ticket on the forums.
  8. If you got payed that much for the job I BELIEVE you were payed as intended, the devs are constantly balancing jobs (messing with time to harvest and sell price) so it is very possible that at one point every 4 wood (once processed) would sell for $200. If still unsure find some other lumberjacks in the city and ask what their pay rate normally is (you might also be doing it in an inefficient manner.)
  9. Hope this went well for you bud, most people don't check the forums aside from me so I would suggest putting it in the #streaming-on-the-server area of the discord next time.
  10. Hey bud, Aside from doing small things like verifying your gtaV cache and clearing your fivem cache there isn't much you can do. If you continue to have problems with it I would do some research on the fivem forums (posting your exact boot reason) or make a general ticket explaining all the things you have tried up until that point.
  11. Not to my knowledge bud, From what I understand to get any sort of benefit in game (aside from reward given by specific staff / devs) it needs to be the gold package. I would ask in discord to double check though.
  12. Seeing as you aim in first person I'm really not sure how viable this is.
  13. Hey bud, because some people have more than one character you need to to it manually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqK9pAQO2ak
  14. I used to just do total distance in KM *$30
  15. Does your ingame resolution match your native resolution?
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