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  1. yeah I did but you dont get help until weeks later and ive been trying desperately to get some :/, so I figured id write something here
  2. I was banned permanently a few days ago and I feel absolutely horrible, I love BlueBirdRP and was active daily for hours and was known around the city and was just about to buy the platinum subscription just because I was so active, now im not an uncouth kind of person and I totally understand things need punishments, but I had no previous ban or warning record, didnt even get to talk to an admin and explain my actions, nothing of the sort, just an instant ban, I really just need some help on this, and to put it simply, I have a strong passion for fiveM and I am VERY active on it, love the BlueBirdRP community and this was genuinely just an honest mistake that I am very regretable for, and really wish to make a change, would absolutely learn a thing or two from this and would love to come to terms and I am really hoping to have this ban appealed as this game means alot to me, as previously stated it would mean the world to me if I could have some help on this, mabye a talk with an admin or etc, the reason im posting this here is because I really dont want to wait months for my appeal just to VIEWED, not to mention the ban was originally 1 week then it went up to perma, I promise ill make it worth while if i can get help on this , Thanks and I hope this finds you well whoever is reading this
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