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  1. Common RP Terms These are terms you may hear around the city which refer to out of character things, try and use this instead of out of character terms to improve your roleplaying MEANING TERM Crash Lag Combat Log Staff Whitelisted Temp Ban Perm Ban AFK Computer Server IRL Server Restart Screen Headphones Streaming Microphone (Not) on my screen Discord You're Glitching Restart Game Joining / Leaving the server Press this key Modder Your mic is messing up You are invisible My keyboard isn't working FPS Game Queue 'Downloading Content' New player Textures are playing up Head Pop / Exploded Brain freeze Flee the country Government / Gods Whitecard Holiday / Vacation Deported / Exiled In my head / In their head Brains In City Out of city Tsunami Eyes Ears Bodycam / Livecam Voicebox (Not) in my eyes Emails Spider on your foot Refresh my eyes Fly in / Fly out Flex [KEYBOARD] muscle Wizard Clear your throat You're on a trampoline My hands are having a fit Blinks per second Boarding Line / Line at the airport Checking passports Danny There is something in my eye **If you think of any others feel free to drop them below and ill add them to the list
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