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  1. Once you've been around a while, you'll notice it.
  2. Crossposting from Discord. Random server events occurring every week with varieties of positive and negative effects. A citywide higher quality water that temporarily acts like Hotdogs for thirst. A nationwide Oil shortage so EMS are the only ones allowed to do oil. Dominos workers riot forcing the business to pay 50% more for the week. Not enough Fuel Delivery workers forcing people to fill up only to 75% on their cars... Stanley desires more Airbags and will pay double for them... Locals want more weed and will pay 20% more... Variety is the spice of life. Players character lives get stagnant and a lot of people eventually fall into a routine where they do the same dull thing every day. If we had random events that we were alerted of the week before, and then activated and enforced for a week, there would be small, unique changes players will need to adapt to. For jobs, it will mean players try them more, or remind people that some of the "Danny jobs" still exist. ------------- As aforementioned above, but I will go into greater detail, for a personal experience of the server, and I strongly encourage others to do the same. Dakota's life consists of the following daily routine. She'll fly in, clock into the radio, Announce she's in city. From here, she'll get a couple of Dannies who call her up to hang out with, whom she'll respectfully agree or decline, To mix things up. This will normally result in trying to help the Dannies move into the city proper, learn the ropes. This is the only variety she will have in a day. From here she'll loiter at TBT south, giving away coffee to TBT workers, before opening up the 665 Coffee shop for a couple of hours. Occasionally she will involve herself in Teamster activities. - this is a very rough, loose routine and a lot has been removed because too much meta info leaked is a bad thing. She'll occaisionally do the rare weed growth, chop, etc. but this is the only variety she does and are not her fulltime goals. Random events will also incur more between character action. People will talk about rioting pizza workers and laugh at them. Police may cruise around North Chop more if theres an event for that, and I could go on. If anyone agrees, please post below some ideas for random weekly events that would be minor impacts, but cause enough of a difference to incur people playing slightly differently? Or perhaps what their characters all do currently as their routine? That would show that people are much more keen on this idea
  3. Can't agree more. They're fun to spam, but very frustrating on the other end.
  4. Food and drink proportions are a bit whack. I've recently been approved to buy specific food items from a group (Find out in Roleplay which ones) and they offer two varieties of cupcake, two varieties of cake, a few different types of burger, etcetera... and This is all very fine and I have zero issues with that. However, when it comes to the drink side of things, we have half of the variety, even if we include the three different varieties of Coca cola (Paper cup, Can, Bottle) - Which seems to be the only overlapping of an identical product that I can see. There are also much more varieties of alcohol, than there are standard drinks. I'm not wanting anything crazy like the Hot Dogs of the city, but it would be nice to see a bit of extra variety in the drinks department. I'm aware that there are many items in the stock list that are in the city - that aren't provided (fanta, sprite) and I totally dig the idea of looking to source things from different places to create extra emersion. However I would love to see some extras like Latte's, Cappuccinos, perhaps Soda water? For extra spice, the BBRP logo would also work well as Latte art , for consideration. Its a little change that ultimately would do nothing but create that bit of extra neatness factor to the city. At least briefly. But I know it'd make people happy to see something new in their pockets
  5. Perhaps Panadeine - Which is a stronger version of panadol with codeine - a nice legal drug to own, but illegal to resell.
  6. My first experience with these guys shows genuine honesty in their acts - and their application mirrors this perfectly. I've heard nothing but good about these guys and this experience proved this as such. I also would love to see these guys as an organisation, as the more positive aspects of their characters and their MC have been grossly needed in terms of orgs. Many niceties, no vitriol. I love these guys. They've got my support
  7. I'm sure when the car rework happens, that something like this will probably occur. The M5 is a very popular and frankly over the top car, much like the NSX. I imagine when the rework occurs, we're going to have no idea what anything is lke anymore. Patience is key, but lets hope for the best!
  8. This aged well To all Victorian BBRPers, lets organise something once this pandemic is over!
  9. To clarify, I haven't seen the new uniform. Does it have a proper female outfit? If so, I guess this can be closed.
  10. Hi. I've noticed theres no high vis vests, which are mandatory, for female characters... with a LOT of police options. Is it possible to have one of these potentially reskinned, or created, for the express purpose of female RACV workers? Besides immersion breaking, its a rule that you must wear one... so anyone with a female model is technically barred from RACV work until this is addressed. Unless of course I'm totally wrong, in which case, please point me to where the female high vis vests are.... Thank you.
  11. I too would love to see a place to clock on closer to oil stage 1. Because of the substantial drive from clock on to stage 1, it is quite the pain when you get stuck in your inventory (Forced to fly out) or a crash occurs. My only fear is if you can ONLY clock on there- it would make sense, but it would also mean forcibly driving out all the way to stage one, when you may potentially only need to sell off your gas. This would also cause more traffic at stage one, with dubious choices for cars that might cause the oilers to get uneasy.
  12. Argh! The one year I won't be attending!
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