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  1. Lua is one of the main scripting languages used by fiveM I believe
  2. That's a shame I've seen heaps of people rolling around on their bikes before
  3. As a youngster in Melbourne these chaps are the best to be around. Professional to deal with and friendly, not afraid of saying something innocent and catching a bullet. Also unmatched taste in vehicles around the city.
  4. I'm pretty new, and see LOTS of complaints being made for people acting poorly. However as a new person I'm bloody impressed sometimes when I come across a stranger or two. It would be cool if there was a method to give compliments to people as well who are making the server more fun or a persons experience better with great RP. We all love to complain and are too slow to compliment as well
  5. Just from reading other similar replies, I think you have to get in once you've got gold until the benefits of it kick in. So, you'd need to log in again at a low time to get priority at busy times
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