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  1. With McDonalds being a shit show that is getting police officers upset with having to respond to calls. How about there is an official Business Ran Fast-Food Restaurant added, this way, employees can be specially selected to ensure no employees are rule breakers, on top of that, an official fast food restaurant business, have two city locations to ensure that foot traffic is split. As far as I am concerned, locking a building because the Police get annoyed about responding to it really kills and limits potential for RP. I know a few police officers who are happy and enjoy responding to McDonalds as it is a High pressure environment that gives them a proper Policing experience. Options for a fix; 1. Have McDonalds as an official Business that can be ran by @JayceOCE. That way he can keep it under order and control. 2. Replace McDonalds with a Fast Food restaurant that is recognised as an Official business. 3. Have a stricter policy for bad roleplay and fail roleplay by being harsher on banning those who ruin experiences for others and mainly engage in "combat RP" 4. Implement more RP Interaction jobs available for newer players this allows for McDonalds to not be the primary location of Danny RP
  2. Could be something that is implemented successfully and could work, however would need to have very very in detail margins to avoid any abuse of the system etc.
  3. Pleasure mate. getaways are apart of our money making. you should attend one of our races sometime
  4. *PDF Attached* The Midnight Club The Midnight Club name originates from the infamous Japanese Street Racing gang that disbanded in 1999. While their actions were illegal, they were respected and envied by most. The Midnight Club was founded by a racer of the alias Ignition Founder - Ignition Ignition is the only member of the crew to have his identity known. He got his Alias after starting The Midnight Club. Ignition not only is a deadly street racer, but also is excellent in the background operations and organisational tasks of The Midnight Club. Ignition contains a no bullshit approach when it comes to his racers upholding the standard of The Midnight Club and the city life. Ace - Piston Piston is the second member of the crew, their identity is unknown to the public. Piston is the one who acts. They are the groups enforcer and achiever. Always aiming to make the group faster and stronger. Piston’s racing ability is next to none, they’re proudly one of The Midnight Club's finest racers. Piston proudly holds the rank of ‘Ace’ as there isn’t much they cannot do. Seasoned - Gear Stick Gear Stick is the third member of the crew, their identity is also unknown. Gear Stick’s personality possesses a bit of craziness, danger and deceitfulness. They are The Midnight Clubs finest drag racer and also contribute a lot into fund generation for the club. Daredevil - Airbags Airbags is the fourth member of the crew, their identity is also unknown. Airbags have the Daredevil rank for a reason. This crazy son of a bitch will attempt almost anything in order to get away from the Law. Appropriately given the name Airbags as they are often deployed due to their ability to crash the car nine times out of ten. Rank Hierarchy Founder Ace Seasoned Daredevil Proven Unproven Possessing through the ranks is obtained by racing ability and crew contribution. If the members are able to contribute to the group successfully they will earn a higher rank. The Ace is in charge of ensuring new members fit The Midnight Club Criteria. Proposed location: The Midnight Club would like one of the Car Workshops to be their own. They would like access to sell tuning and assist in upcoming street racers getting their car properly equipped. The Midnight Club does not mind where the Car Workshop is located as long as it is located around the city. The Midnight Club will use the Car Workshop as their means of money income, which will be reinvested into the community when it comes to prize pools in racing events hosted by the crew. Explain why this is going to add to the RP available on the server outside of what is already available on the server: As far as BlueBird goes, there are countless amounts of MC gangs, Mafias etc. The Midnight Club is something different. We want to deliver memorable roleplay experiences by hosting insane long distance races, car shows, drift competitions, drag races and much much more. The members in The Midnight Club possess excellent role play skills that will increase the variety of interactions the city has, their role playing skills will be used at our car meets, our races and most importantly at our workshop. The Midnight Club currently contains four members and are looking for more. This crew will be invited only, to ensure that the best role players are accepted. What action will you take to discipline members caught breaking the rules for your organisation and/or the city: The Midnight Club will have a strict no bullshit stance. Any members who are caught breaking organisation rules will result in their removal/demotion. Any members caught breaking city rules will result in their removal from the crew. Our members will be aware of these punishments when joining the Club and will swear an oath to not betray the Club or break the City rules. Members are eligible to display an expression of interest by replying to this post with their discord Username. The Midnight Club.pdf
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