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  1. With McDonalds being a shit show that is getting police officers upset with having to respond to calls. How about there is an official Business Ran Fast-Food Restaurant added, this way, employees can be specially selected to ensure no employees are rule breakers, on top of that, an official fast food restaurant business, have two city locations to ensure that foot traffic is split. As far as I am concerned, locking a building because the Police get annoyed about responding to it really kills and limits potential for RP. I know a few police officers who are happy and enjoy responding
  2. Could be something that is implemented successfully and could work, however would need to have very very in detail margins to avoid any abuse of the system etc.
  3. Pleasure mate. getaways are apart of our money making. you should attend one of our races sometime
  4. *PDF Attached* The Midnight Club The Midnight Club name originates from the infamous Japanese Street Racing gang that disbanded in 1999. While their actions were illegal, they were respected and envied by most. The Midnight Club was founded by a racer of the alias Ignition Founder - Ignition Ignition is the only member of the crew to have his identity known. He got his Alias after starting The Midnight Club. Ignition not only is a deadly street racer, but also is excellent in the background operations and organisational tasks o
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