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  1. Name: Sophie TroublesCase against: VICPOLBrief summary of situation: I was arrested and charged, then sentenced to 55 weeks in the remand centre for being a suspect of armed robbery and evade police. without hard evidence that i actually committed a crime, other than me attempting to escape from police, whom i assumed may not have been police due to me being traumatised by my prior police encounters and other encounters with blacked out cars. I had my property confiscated and was sentenced without hard evidence of a crime being committed. Expected outcome from court: return of my legally owned items, reimbursement of fines paid, removal of charges from my recordExtra Information/Requests: i have an itinerary of all the things that were confiscated and the reasons for having them
  2. Name: Sophie TroublesCase against: VICPOLBrief summary of situation: I was engaged in a situation that involved myself being victim to hit and run and discharge of a firearm. i was charged for discharge of a firearm in a public place which, was done in self defence, and then i sentenced to 40 weeks in the remand centre.Expected outcome from court: removal of the false charge of discharge of a firearmExtra Information/Requests: i would like bodycam footage from the officer/s on scene showing me riding away in fear of my life while being shot at, and the lack of communication from them while attempting to stop me
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